Broken Link Managerfor SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 & Office 365

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This is a component of the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit

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SharePoint Broken Link Manager is a component of the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit.  
Use this utility to check for broken links in SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365 sites.

This is a simple, yet powerful application that will help users find & fix those annoying broken links! Simply enter the Site URL and click scan, it will build a report on broken links in your sites.

Quick Introduction

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Solution Type:
  • Client Application
  • Supports SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365


  • No server side installation
  • Scan site pages, web parts, master pages, navigation links, css, javascript, list item metadata...
  • Supports scanning within file contents such as PDF, Text, HTML, MS Word, MS Excel, etc..
  • Export report to SharePoint List, MS Excel, CSV, Essentials Lite Client (ClickOnce) Application
  • Automatically Email Reports with a Built-In Scheduler
  • Automatic Find & Replace
  • Find & Replace supports Exact/Absolute URLs, Relative URLs, and wildcard/partial string replacements
  • Inclusion & Exclusion Rules to fully customize what gets scanned
  • Enhanced Caching of URLs to improve performance
  • Customize Timeout Values
  • Built-In mechanism for Site Owners to import user-defined list of URLs to fix/replace


License Type:
  • Includes unlimited web applications and farms
  • Includes unlimited technical support
  • Includes software assurance
  • See the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit Suite, this product is included in that bundle



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