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Empower your SharePoint Site Owners and Administrators. The SharePoint Essentials Toolkit will automate and streamline SharePoint reporting, provide users with deep insight into SharePoint permissions, broken links, site and list settings, user activity and much more.

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    4.5 out of 5

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SharePoint Essentials Toolkit

This is a must have for every Site Owner or SharePoint and Office 365 Administrator. The SharePoint Essentials Toolkit includes multiple components to have greater control over the sites managed. See why our product is receiving rave reviews: 4.5/5 star review from SharePoint, and Microsoft MVP Vlad Catrinescu reviewed it as an 'Excellent product'!
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SharePoint Permissions Manager

SharePoint Permissions Manager is a component of the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit. This utility allows Site Owners to automate creation of SharePoint Permission reports and grant or remove user access on-the-fly across SharePoint Sites using a single, simple user interface. Create Permission templates to bulk add or remove user permissions at once. Comprehensive and fully customizable permission reports make this tool rise above the rest.
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Broken Link Manager

SharePoint Broken Link Manager is a component of the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit. This is a simple, yet powerful application that will help users find and fix those annoying broken links! Simply enter the Site URL and click Run Now, it will build a report on broken links in your sites. Reports can be scheduled to export automatically to SharePoint for on-going maintenance and reports. Fix links inside of web pages, web parts, item metadata, as well as file contents like MS Word, MS Excel, PDF and more!
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Content Manager

Content Manager is a component of the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit. Use this utility to easily copy SharePoint lists and libraries from one location to another, bulk upload files from your desktop or network share, build reports on SharePoint content such as 'find large files', 'checked out files', 'location of JavaScript or web parts', 'files with profanity', 'find files with specific keywords'.
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Site and List Auditing

SharePoint Site and List Auditing is a component of the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit. Use this tool to collect an inventory of SharePoint settings for all sites and lists across farms and site collections. Build reports easily, such as 'find all large lists', 'lists with large amount of versioning data', 'old unused lists', 'sites and or lists with broken permission inheritance', etc. Bulk edit site and list settings, such as list version settings or flag all sites and lists with broken permission inheritance. Site auditing also includes 'User Activity' feature to view activity, such as files viewed, changed and deleted, report on permission changes across sites and much more.
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Policy Manager

Policy Manager is a component of the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit and requires the Site Auditing, Broken Link Manager and/or the Permission Manager component to function. This component allows Site Owners to set up automatic monitoring of SharePoint content, settings and permissions, such as list versioning settings, number of broken link (thresholds), broken permission inheritance, and more. Policy Manager allows creation of policies, which the user can schedule, and automate email notifications to warn people if policies are broken.
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  • It is a regularly used tool, providing reports to site owners to help manage their SharePoint sites. In summary, it has been very useful to our operational needs.
    Sam Poutolio
    IT Manager — SNC Lavalin
  • A great product coupled with outstanding customer service.
    Amanda Neves
    SharePoint User — Scotiabank
  • An extremely useful tool!
    Vlad Catrinescu
    SharePoint MVP
  • We have found your tools easy to use, useful, and intuitive. It has also been a pleasure working with your support staff. Look forward to the next release!
    Sylvia Sue-Packard
    SharePoint Consultant
  • A fantastic product for SharePoint Administrators and Developers!
    4.5 out of 5

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