I haven’t received my product media / CD yet, when am I going to get the product?

All of our software is available by electronic download and not provided in retail packaging.

We need to customize one of your products, do you offer customization of any of your solutions?

Yes, we offer a variety of services to our customers; including custom product development. Please contact us for more information.

What is your policy on privacy for information collected?

Please visit our Privay Policy page for more information.

What are your website terms and conditions of use?

Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

Do your products send any information to your company or any 3rd party?

No. Our products do not send any information to outside of your organization. We do not put any malware or marketing code in our applications (we hate those too!). The only time any information would be transmitted outside of your organization, would be if the application crashes and you click "Yes" to send us the anonymous error report. This data is collected to help us improve our products and only contains a stack dump for us to trace any bugs in the code.


When will I receive my receipt of payment?

You will receive a receipt of payment via email within a few hours of an online purchase. If you placed an order by phone or email, you will receive a receipt of payment within a few days by your sales representative.

What is your return or refund policy?

We offer a 14 day risk free money back guarantee. (10 business days)

If you are not satisfied with your purchase or the service you are getting, let us know and we will provide you with a FULL refund.

We only ask that you provide us with a reason for the return to help us improve our products and services.

We also offer trial versions of all of our products to allow our customers to test and ensure the software meets requirements.



Do you offer discounts for government, educational, non-profit or charity organizations?

Yes, we provide discounts for government, educational, non-profit and charity organizations. Please contact us for more information.

I did not receive my Activation key but I paid for a license, when am I getting it?

You will be emailed a receipt of payment. Please view the "Licensing Instructions" in the email for steps to activate your product. Please contact us if you need any other assistance, we are here to help!

We purchased a product last month and a new release is available, are we able to upgrade for free?

All minor updates (patches to the current version, i.e. from version 2.0 to 2.5) for our products are free. Major version upgrades (i.e. from version 2.0 to 3.0) and releases may be purchased at upgrade costs where available. Products with annual subscriptions may include software assurance, which allows you to upgrade to any minor and major version at any time within the active subscription period. 

What is 'No. of Site Collections (per User)' in the Add to Cart pop up?

"No. of Site Collections (per User)"
This is the number of Site Collections that this tool is going to manage, it is per end user (who will install this tool on their machine). The No. of Site Collections  should include all Site Collections across all web applications and farms that will be managed by the tool.

For Example:

If you have to create a Broken Link report using the SharePoint Broken Link Manager tool, and you only need to scan the HR site collection. Then this value would be 1.

If you have 5 Site Owners and each are responsible for 1 Site Collection, you would select 1 for "No. of Site Collections (per User)", and select 5 for "No. of Users (who will use this product)".

If you have 100 Site Collections and 2 users who will be responsible for 50 site collections each, you would select 50 for the "No. of Site Collections (per User)" value, and select 2 for "No. of Users (who will use this product)".

If you have 1 Site Collection and 3 users who will be responsible for the same 1 Site Collection, you would select 1 for the "No. of Site Collections (per User)" value, and select 3 for "No. of Users (who will use this product)".

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us

What is 'No of Users (who will use this product)' on the Add to Cart pop up?

"No of Users (who will use this product)
This is the number of users (or machines) where this tool will be installed. If this is a shared machine with 1 shared account, this will still be the number of end users who will be using this tool. This is NOT the number of SharePoint clients or end users using the SharePoint site.

For Example:
If you have 5 Site Owners who need to scan their sites for Permission Reports, and the tool will be installed on each of their desktops, "No. of Users (who will use this product)" value would be 5.

If you have 1 SharePoint Administrator who needs to scan sites for Broken Link Reports, and the tool will be installed on 3 machines (for example: to offload resources), "No. of Users (who will use this product)" value would be 3.

If you have the tool installed on 1 machine, using a service account with 5 users sharing it, "No. of Users (who will use this product)" value would be 5.

The SharePoint Essentials Toolkit license model is 'per seat' or 'per named user'. If you have 100+ Users who require licenses, we also offer a 'concurrent user' license model.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us


We had purchased the older version of your tool which provides unlimited Site Collections, however now it appears to be by Site Collection and User, how do we upgrade?

If you have purchased the license within 1 year of April 1st 2015, you can contact us to upgrade to unlimited licenses for the new version. If you had purchased the license before April 1st 2014, have paid for the Annual Support, and it is still in the subscription period, you may upgrade for free to unlimited licenses. If you had purchased the license before April 1st 2014, but did not purchase the Annual support subscription, upgrade charges would apply and you can contact us for a quotation at discounted rate.

How do I download the Free version of SharePoint Broken Link Manager?

We are sorry to announce that this tool is no longer available for free use. Due to costs in development and enhancements we can no longer provide this utility for free and it requires a license to use the features of this product.

If you need further assistance please contact us.

We purchased a license for a SharePoint Essentials product using your old license scheme, we want to renew, how does this work?

Existing customers on the old license scheme can renew at the same price as agreed from that point of sale. Contact our sales team at sales@qipoint.com to renew the product annual subscription. 

My trial version expired, can I get an extension?

Yes, please contact us to reset your trial version, we can do that for you right away.

What is your End User License Agreement (EULA)?

You can find our EULA here. It is also included with the product electronic download.

How do I transfer a license (to another user)?

This applies to SharePoint Essentials Toolkit and any or all of its components

Please follow these instructions to transfer license:

  1. Uninstall SharePoint Essentials Toolkit from current machine
  2. Download the latest version of SharePoint Essentials Toolkit on the new machine (download a trial version if you do not have the link)
  3. Send the new Client Key to sales@qipoint.com and we will activate it for you


SharePoint Essentials Toolkit - Do you offer 'concurrent user' licenses?

The SharePoint Essentials Toolkit license model is 'per seat' or 'per named user'. If you have 100+ Users who require licenses, we also offer a 'concurrent user' license model.

Contact us for more information on pricing.

Can I purchase a component in SharePoint Essentials Toolkit separately?

We no longer sell our components separately. We are providing the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit Suite for the same price as one component. The reason we changed this model was to help reduce development costs in maintaining logic for license activation of all the component features. For the same amount of money, you will now get the entire SharePoint Essentials Toolkit Suite.

SharePoint Essentials Toolkit - Can I change the Site Collections after I build reports/fix links/permissions/settings?

To be in compliance with our license model, a Site Collection license is required/used when you use the tool to build reports/fix links/permissions/settings/etc for it, a checkmark appears beside the Site in the Home Page Dashboard.

You can transfer Site Collection licenses if:

1) The sites were added by mistake and within 60 days of purchase
2) Upon your annual license renewal they can be changed
3) You have not built any reports for the Site Collection you want to change (no chackmark beside any of the sites in the Site Collection on the Home Page Dashboard)

You can purchase more Site Collection licenses at a discount by upgrading, please contact sales@qipoint.com

Tech Support - General

How do I download a Free or Trial Version from your web site?

To download a free or trial version, you need to click on either "Download Trial" from the Product page.
You will need to create an account with us and provide a valid email address so that we can email you the download link.

What are your technical support policies and terms & conditions of using your software?

The technical support policies and terms will be included in quotation or upon invoice. You can also find the document here.

Do I have to purchase a support plan? What type of support do you offer?

All of our products (with perpetual license) include 1 year Basic Support (6 annual incidents), which includes phone and email support. After the first year of purchase, you may purchase a support & maintenance plan, see individual product for details or contact us for more information.

Products with an Annual subscription (such as SharePoint Essentials Toolkit, Broken Link Manager, Permission Manager, Content Manager and Site Auditing) include Premium Support (unlimited phone and email technical support) as long as you have a paid subscription.

You can find our Technical Support Policies & Guidelines here with details of each Support Plan.
We also provide 1-on-1 demos/walk throughs to show you how to use the tool correctly.

We also may have a Value Added Reseller who may provide training and support for our products. Please contact us for more information.

Where can I find documentation on your products?

You can find documentation online here https://www.qipoint.com/user_manuals. Also, when you download a trial version of any of our products it is included in the download package. This is the same documentation as the full version. For the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit, once the product is installed, documentation can be found under the Start Menu -> QIPoint -> SharePoint Essentials Toolkit -> Documentation. There will also be a shortcut to the 'Documentation' folder on the desktop.

What is your turnaround time for bug fixes?

Once a bug is reported, you can be assured we are working on it. We typically have an average turnaround time of 4-8 business days before we issue a patch for you. This will be considered a 'BETA' patch for you to test and verify the fix. The 'OFFICIAL' patch will be included with our next release (which includes full regression testing, along with other customer fixes and new enhancements), which is typically every 1-2 months (depending on the product). If you have additional questions or concerns please contact us. 

Tech Support - SP Essentials

On the Home Page Dashboard I cannot create reports, they are disabled. Why is this happening?

Product: SharePoint Essentials Toolkit - Each component is licensed per Site Collection. If you have used all Site Collection licenses for the component the 'Create Report' option for that component will be disabled. To manage the Site Collection licenses for a component, click on the Home tab -> Licenses, and view the Site Collections Licensed, you may delete Site Collections in this list to manage different Site Collections. Contact us for additional Site Collection licenses or if you require further assistance.

I cannot update the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit program, it says the update ended prematurely, what did I do wrong?

If the automatic update fails, please ensure the QIPoint Essentials Service is stopped.
Go to Administrative Tools -> Services, locate "QIPoint Essentials Service", right click on the service and click "Stop". Then try to rerun the update.

What is the extension ".qpcsv"? How do I use the SharePoint Essentials Lite Client?

The extension .qpcsv is used with the free 'ClickOnce' application "SharePoint Essentials Lite Client". This is a free tool that can be used by organizations who own the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit (or one of its components).
The "SharePoint Essentials Lite Client" is to be used under your license agreement (EULA) for the "SharePoint Essentials Toolkit".

You may download the "SharePoint Essentials Lite Client" tool separately here. Otherwise, it is included in the "SharePoint Essentials Toolkit" trial download.

The ".qpcsv" extension is a proprietary extension to be used only with this application. Its purpose is to allow end users who do not have the full SharePoint Essentials Toolkit application installed, to view and sort, group, filter and export reports generated by the "SharePoint Essentials Toolkit".

The application also supports automatic updates - users will be prompted to install updates automatically. If you need to turn off automatic updates for this application, please contact us.

Why do you have both SharePoint Essentials Toolkit and SharePoint Essentials Lite Client?

The SharePoint Essentials Lite Client is a free ClickOnce application that provides a UI (User Interface) for End Users to open SharePoint Essentials Toolkit Reports (.qpcx format). It is designed for End Users who do not have the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit Installed.

The SharePoint Essentials Tookit was designed to create report jobs (such as Site audits, List audits, Permission audits, Broken Link audits, etc...) and automate delivery of these reports over email or via SharePoint. End Users, such as Site Owners, can view these reports as CSV/MS Excel format, however, they lose the ability to quickly group and sort report content.

The SharePoint Essentials Lite Client allows these users to open these report by double clicking them and format the report how they want using drag and drop, and then Export to MS Excel. The application also supports automatic updates - users will be prompted to install updates automatically. If you need to turn off automatic updates for this application, please contact us!

SharePoint Essentials Lite Client is not opening the reports, how do I fix this?

Please make sure to update the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit, AND the SharePoint Essentials Lite Client(s) to the latest versions. As there are updates to both applications, sometimes the programs may be out of sync, so we recommend to keep both update to date. If you are not able to keep latest updates, be sure to use the same version of the SharePoint Essentials Lite Client that was downloaded with the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit package. If you need further support, please contact us for help.

We have hundreds (or 1000s) of sites to build reports on, do I need to run one at a time?

No, the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit has an import option to import your list of Sites into the Home Page Dashboard. You can do this by clicking "Add Site->Import (from pop up dialog window)". The Home Page Dashboard supports thousands of Site Collections. You can group them to organize (right click the group name to rename them).

Once they are all imported, you can hold CTRL+Click to select the multiple sites, or hold SHIFT and select multiple sites to build a report on, then right click and select "Create Report". Once you select the type of report to run, a new window will open, the Site URL will be shown as "<Multiple Sites>", click "Schedule Job", and you can execute the job (in multiple threads) one-time or on a schedule. Once ready, click Save and the Scheduled Job for multiple sites will be appended to the "Scheduled Jobs" grid. You can access the Scheduled Jobs grid by clicking "Home (tab) ->Scheduled Jobs" to review them and their execution status. Right click them to view logs. Logs are also located in "Home (tab) -> Reports and Logs".

For more information, please see our documentation for the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit under "Batch Processing Reports for Multiple Sites", the documentation is included with the product download.

Broken Link Manager - I am scanning a site and not "Including File Contents", but I see broken links for these documents, why?

SharePoint Items may have a 'Copy Source' field that you do not see in the SharePoint List Item Page. However, there is a hidden field called 'Copy Source'. This field may be present and have a URL value if SharePoint finds a duplicate copy of this file or item. The tool will show 'Field: Copy Source' in the column "Field" to indicate this. If you navigate to the List Item, you will see a status message showing something similar to "This item is a copy of https://portalname/sites/hr/docs/policy1.docx (Go To Source Item | Unlink)"

This indicates the item or file is linked to a source copy. The tool is reporting that this source copy cannot be found.

Please contact us if you need further information or help with any other issues!

Broken Link Manager - The scan job takes a long time to complete, how can I make it finish faster?

You can improve scan job times by following the tips below:

1. Separate Large Jobs (multiple sites):

Scan Jobs are run in a single thread to ensure logs are captured correctly and aid in validating links and making sure content is scanned correctly. However, if you have a site collection with many sub sites or a single site with many lists or large lists, this may not be the most efficient approach. We recommend to break large site collections (many sub sites), or sites with large lists into multiple jobs. To do this, uncheck “Include Sub Sites” in the Scan Options page and schedule each site individually. You can save the Job Template to make this easier, or you can also hold SHIFT or CTRL and select all sites (you want to build a report on) from the Home Page Dashboard, right click, and click “Create Reports -> Broken Links” – this will allow you create multiple jobs (multi-threaded) at once.

2. Separate Large Jobs (large lists or many lists) - Use Inclusion Rules:

If you have a single site with many lists or one or more large lists (greater than 10K items), do not run this site in a single job; Instead, execute or schedule this job and use “Inclusion Rules -> List Inclusions” to separate each large list into a single job; or multiple lists if you have many, into a few jobs - such as a site with 50 lists, separate into 10 per job. Again, you can create a Job Template (click “Save Job”) to make this easier.

Then, you can then schedule these jobs to run in parallel (at the same Start Time). 
NOTE: This may require you to have more CPU or RAM or to run on a different machine to get the best results.

3. Use Exclusions Rules:

Exclude content you do not need in the report. Set the “Exclusion Rules -> List Exclusions” to skip lists that are not needed in the report. Add any SharePoint URLs (such as folders or sections of a site) and Link URLs (links found within pages and files – such as navigation menu items) that you do not need in the report, or that you know are valid.

4. Disable Detailed Logging:

Disable “Show Detailed Logging”. Detailed Logging should be used when you are first setting up jobs to ensure they are working correctly and capturing the URLs and links you expect. This option is also useful when troubleshooting issues. Once jobs are tested and configured to run as you need them, uncheck “Show Detailed Logging” to minimize the report time spent on writing each link found and other details.

5. Limit Large Files from being scanned:

If you are using “Scan List Attachment File Contents” or “Scan Document File Contents” - Specify a lower “File Size Limit (MB)” in the Scan Options page (“Scan Links (tab) -> File Size Limit (MB)”) – such as 10MB. This setting is used to skip large files when scanning file contents. The default is set to 20MB.

6. Turn off: Scanning MS Office text links, PDF text links, Linked CSS and JS files, Debug Mode:

Go to the "Scan Links (tab) -> Options" page, make sure the following are turned off these 'optional' settings: (they are OFF by default)

"Search text links within MS Office documents"
"Search text links within PDF documents"
"Scan linked CSS and JS files"
"Scan list form pages"
"Debug Mode"

This information is also included in the Documentation (with screenshots) included with your download.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us!


(Offline installation) When installing SharePoint Essentials Toolkit I get an error: disk1.cab has an invalid signature. The download file seems fine, what's wrong?!

The application uses Code Signed Digital Certificates to valid its authenticity and to ensure it is a Trusted Application.

The error can occur for a number of reasons, the most common is not having internet access.

The core of the problem is that your Windows installation is unable to contact the certificate provider that can verify the installer’s security certificate.


Download and install the certificates here, then install by right clicking on the downloaded files, one at a time. Choose automatic to determine the target location to install to.


1.       Copy the certificates to the computer where the tool will be installed
2.       Right click and click Install Certificate
3.       Choose Local Machine
4.       Click Next
5.       Choose ‘Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate’
6.       Click Next
7.       Click Finish
8.       Repeat above for both certificates


Broken Link Manager - I'm getting this error “The communication object, System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel, cannot be used for communication because it is in the Faulted state” or “Forbidden” - What's wrong!?

If you receive errors such as “The communication object, System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel, cannot be used for communication because it is in the Faulted state” or “Forbidden” - To resolve this issue, if using Office 365, use the tenant admin user email to login (such as tenantadminid@company.onmicrosoft.com) OR this can also be resolved by using Web Browser Authentication from drop down in 'Credentials Section' of Job Options page.

Broken Link Manager - Do I need to have MS Office or anything installed on the machine to scan within file contents?

No. The tool does not require MS Office or any PDF reader software to scan file contents. It will do this by itself! You just need to make sure you select the appropriate option to Scan within File Contents and include the appropriate file extensions.

Is it safe to run jobs during production hours?

Yes - but also depends if you are making changes such as Broken Link Find/Replace or List Settings changes.

You may not want to do live changes if you need time to validate the changes on your production environment.

The jobs will run and use server resources but it will be very similar to users accessing the website and the server responding to those requests. The difference is the tool will be accessing the web front end server to get information very frequently, so you should monitor the server resources to see how the web server handles these requests.

Normally the utilization is minimal and the web server will maange these requests accordingly. The tool works similar to a SharePoint timer job that will access and retrieve information in the background. The tool uses the SharePoint API/web services to connect and get information - so it is safe and the recommended way to do this by Microsoft.

How can I add all Sites from the entire Web Application? Do I have to add them one at a time!?

The toolkit was designed for Site Owners, Site Collection Administrators and Farm Admins. So sometimes a Site Owner may only have access to certain sites but not the web application, therefore the tool does not try to enumerate all of the site collections and sites in a web application automatically.

To add all of the site collections from a web application automatically, you can use the Add Site->Import option

You need to have a MS Excel spreadsheet with a list of all of the Site Collections, you can use PowerShell below to get these and you only need to import once to get them listed. 

get-spsite -limit all -WebApplication http://contoso | Select Url | Export-CSV "C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\spsites.csv"

Adding new subsites will not change the report data, they can be added any time after into the tool.

How do I turn off the Auto-Updater?

You can do this in a couple ways,

However we do not have a single command line right now to disable the updater. It requires user action, see below. You could automate using script if you modify the ‘ini’ file below (option 2) using command line.

To disable Auto-Update check:

1) Using command line to prompt user with UI From the computer where the program is installed, open the command prompt and run this command: "C:\Program Files (x86)\QIPoint\SharePoint Essentials Toolkit\Check for Updates.exe /configure [HWND]" The user will be prompted to configure the update settings

2) Manually by config file: There is a config file that you can modify to change the 'check frequency' to let's say 1000000 days. By default, the location of this config file is below: "C:\Program Files (x86)\QIPoint\SharePoint Essentials Toolkit\Check for Updates.ini"


How can I silently install the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit product using command line?

This is supported. Please see our User Manuals at https://www.qipoint.com/user_manuals for instructions to install the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit using 'Silent Install' command line switches.

Broken Link Manager - Performance and Time to Complete 10GB Job?

How long will it take to scan Broken Links in 10GB data?

Factors affecting Job Performance

The following factors can directly affect the time it takes to complete the Link Scan Jobs:

·        Anti-virus or Offline Syncing on machine, if you have anti-virus or offline syncing on your machine that the tool is installed, this can cause significant performance issues with the tool. Please see our User Manual on the Exclusion rules to set up in the Antivirus program. https://www.qipoint.com/user_manuals

·        Network speed (between machine running tool and SharePoint Web Server(s))

·        Number of links in the files and pages

·        Number of SharePoint items and files to parse

·        If you are parsing within File Contents such as within MS Office or PDF files

·        File size exclusion (we have default of 20MB limit on file size in the Options page), this can be increased but will affect the time to complete if you have large files

·        Find/Replace - how many replacement conditions & how many replacement links needed


Our Test Environment Used

·        Hyper-V Windows 7 Client machine, 8GB RAM, Intel Quad-Core CPU 3GHz

·        SharePoint Essentials Toolkit Enterprise Suite 2016 Edition v4.4.3.0

·        SharePoint 2013 Enterprise

·        1 Site Collection Tested (Team Site with Publishing Feature activated)

·        10GB SharePoint Content Database

·        1 WFE & 1 APP server 12GB RAM each

·        1 SQL server 32 GB RAM

·        1 Document Library

o   Approx. 5007 files and folders (PDF, MS Word, MS Excel files)

o   38,204 URLs

o   25 Columns with 100 links in metadata

·        1 Page Library

o   37 aspx pages

o   2530 URLs

·        SharePoint List

o   150 List Items

o   20 Columns with 150 links in metadata

·        Style Library and other OOTB SharePoint Lists included in job, non-customized

Test Results

For the 10GB test above it completed the job in 3hrs 20min

Started: 5:34PM

Completed: 8:54PM


For large jobs, Sites and Lists can be scanned in parallel. You do no need to run them sequentially. Contact us or review the User Manual for more details on parallel, multi-threaded jobs.

Find Replace

This test did not replace any URLs. To factor in Find/Replace of 20% of the links, we would factor in a 10% increase in time to complete for 4 replacement conditions. Half of the percentage of links found to fix.


I am getting "Message: The request failed. The remote server returned an error: (501) Not Implemented."

If you receive error messages connecting to the SharePoint site from the tool, but are able to browse the site in your web browser, please verify the 'Authentication method' used in the tool. If that is correct, then please check the settings of your Network Load Balancer (NLB).

We have found several customers who reported this error and it was due to misconfiguration of the NLB not forwarding/routing the web service traffic and connection correctly.

For further information, please contact us.


What is your largest deployment of the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit Enterprise Suite?

We have multiple customers who are using the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit for over 10,000 users. They are using the toolkit for Site Collection Administrators and Site Owners to build reports, fix links, cleanup content, report on and manage permissions, etc.

We offer a deployment model for customers with over 1000 users who will use the toolkit. In these scenarios, you should contact us at sales@qipoint.com or using our contact form to find out about our Enterprise Cloud License model.

Tech Support - SP Essentials Scheduler

SharePoint Essentials Toolkit - Scheduler is not working correctly, what am I doing wrong?


Follow these steps below to troubleshoot or fix issues with the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit Scheduler:

1) Make sure the "QiPoint Essentials Service" (Windows Service) is started and running. Go to Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services to verify this.

   NOTE: Performing step 2 below will require you to re-create any existing scheduled jobs

2) Clear the Scheduled Jobs list: a) Click on Jobs in the Top Navigation. b) Click on Scheduled Jobs in the Left Navigation c) Click 'Clear All Scheduled Jobs' button on the top right. This will reset the ScheduleJobs file to defaults.

Re-test Scheduler.


If you continue to have issues, follow these additional steps:

1) Start SharePoint Essentials Toolkit
2) Click Jobs (Top Navigation) -> Click Scheduled Jobs (Left Navigation)
3) Click "Clear all Scheduled Jobs" (red button) NOTE: This will reset/delete all existing scheduled jobs
4) Restart the Windows Service called "QiPoint Essentials Service"

Re-test Scheduler.

4) If above steps still do not resolve the issue, go to your My Documents folder (or location of QiPoint Reports)

   NOTE: Performing step 5 below will require you to re-add sites and re-create jobs

5) Rename "QiPoint" to "QiPoint-old"
6) Restart the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit program. If you still encounter issues, delete the site from the Home Page Dashboard and re-add it by clicking 'Add Site'. This does not affect SharePoint content, it just removes the site from the tool.

If you need further support or still having trouble, please contact us!

Can I shut down the computer or close the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit when scheduled jobs are running?

If you shut down the computer where the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit is installed and running the jobs, the scheduler will stop and the jobs will stop pre-maturely, they will not continue to run even after you start your machine.You would need to delete those jobs and re-run them.

You can close the application however and the scheduled jobs will run in the background using a Windows Service called "QiPoint Essentials Service".

Call us today at 1 (855) 747-6468